Dental prophylaxis

The periodic hygiene maintenance is very important for your oral health. The bacteria that can be found in the plaque and the tartar are responsible for the periodontal disease as well as for the withdrawal of the gums and of the bone, and also for the appearance of the caries.

No. Type Price (lei)
1 Scaling 150 lei
2 Air-flow/arch 50 lei
3 Teeth brushing 50 lei
4 Sealing/tooth 50 lei
5 Fluorination 50 lei


Laser whitening

Whiter and painless teeth? This is possible due to the laser diodes from Biolase (USA). It takes only 20 minutes for your teeth to be up to 4 colors whiter.

No. Type Price (lei)
1 Laser whitening 1000 lei
2 Emax dental veneers Starting from € 250
3 Ceramic crown on zirconium support Starting from € 200
4 Emax Ivoclar full ceramic crown Starting from € 200
5 Metal-ceramic crown Starting from 500 lei
6 Full ceramic Inlay/Onlay Starting from 750 lei


The treatment of simple caries

You can forgeabout the black, grey or very ugly filings . The materials used by the DentComplet clinic in Cluj-Napoca are cutting edge materials, with very high resistance in time and superior aesthetics. Not only the quality of the materials makes the difference but the hand of the artist that brings back the natural beauty of the teeth affected by caries.

No. Type Price
1 Obturation with photopolimerizable composite 60 – 120 lei
2 Obturation with glassionomer 80 lei
3 Preparation with calcium hydrate, basis of glassionomer 40 lei



No. Type Price
1 Fixed metallic dental brace Starting from 4000 lei
2 Fixed Sapphire dental brace Starting from 6500 lei
3 Mobile braces Starting from 800 lei


When a tooth needs a root canal treatment (the nerve extraction) you must know that according to its quality, the period of maintenance of the tooth on the maxillary shall shorten or extend. A tooth that was treated incorrectly from the start will have significantly reduced chances of a subsequent healing. A correctly treated tooth shall reduce the long term costs. Due to the fact that a root canal retreatment costs more than the ‘’per primam’’ one (this requires the removal of the first root canal treatment), it requires the removal of the filling, of the fiber post and of the crown.

The risks of a retreatment are much more serious compared to a “per primam” treatment. The endodontic microscope treatments brought the dentist’s work at another level: the art of precision, beauty and perfection.

Granny, why are your eyes so big? So I can see you better..:). Just like in the well-known story, we did an upgrade to see better.. and not only 2 times, but 30 times better…

No. Type Price
1 Endodontic treatment with filling and control radiographies included Starting from 250 lei
2 Endodontic microscope treatment with filling and control radiography included Between 450-700 lei

Biolase laser treatments

No. Type Price
1 Gingivectomy 100 lei/tooth
2 Frenectomy 250 lei/tooth


Nr. Crt. Type Price (euro)
1 Implant MIS (Israel) 350 euro
2 Implant IMPLANTIUM  (Coreea) 400 euro
3 Implant BREDENT (Germany) 450 euro
4 Implant ANKYLOS (Switzerland) 650 euro
5 Fast&Fixed maxilary (Implants and fixed teeth in one day) 4000 euro
6 Fast&Fixed mandibulary 3500 euro
7 Sinus lifting unilaterally (Frios Dentsly) 700-900 euro
8 Aditie os autolog/ hemiarcada 700 euro
9 Aditie os cu materiale sintetice/ manopera fara materialele de augmentare necesare 150-300  euro
10 Lucrare definitiva pe sistemul F&F superior (mc, BioHPP, cu fatete acrilat, BioHPP cu coaroane Emax) 2000-5000 euro
11 Lucrare definitiva pe sistemul F&F/ Bredent/ mandibula 2500- 4500 euro