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Raz Tomsa

11 iun. 2016

I highly recommend this clinic!!! Growing up, I had some very painful experiences with dentists, enduring atrocious pain with almost every visit. This led to me almost ignoring the dental care and avoiding visiting a dentist. But, if you are afraid of something, you won’t get away from it , so eventually you will have to face your fear. After a lot of research, I selected DentComplet as the next “torturer”. Well, let me tell you, Dr. Nicu Iuga and his highly professional team, treated me extremely well. I did not feel a thing, 2 root canals, a Sinus lift with bone implant (for a future implant), and a few cavity fills, and I went thru all this with a smile on my face, I could not believe it!!! They made it feel so easy. So if you are one of those folks, with a dentist phobia, you must pay them a visit, trust me, they are the best in their branch at very competitive price. You won’t see the ” One Man show”, do it all type of dentist. No, each doctor is specialized in a treatment: you need Endodontics treatment, you will see Dr Raluca Ciorceri, you will also meet Dr Timea , who is so obsessed with perfection, that she will do everything to make sure you have your smile back. And of course Simina Pop, who is always there for you. All this coordinated by Raluca Ilea, their Desk Manager.

To the entire DentComplet team, from the bottom of my heart, I will say a big Thank you!